Big Steps in Legalization: Marijuana Motions Gaining Traction in 2021

In recent years, we’ve seen cannabis legalization victories across the United States, including full legalization in our grand green state of California. Just this year, we’ve seen growing marijuana movements in several states, and we’re stoked about the recent legalization victories in New York, New Mexico, and Virginia. Promising outcomes are also anticipated soon in […]

THC and CBD with a Little Help from Their Friends

Ganja Geeks, Boost Your Weedspertise with Cannabis Jargon When we get lit, we may not always think about how the process actually happens on a micro level. Or we might, actually, if we’ve smoked enough. Hate to break it to you, but it does not involve tiny microscopic green trolls messing with your neurotransmitters like […]

Lies About Mary Jane: Is Weed Addictive?

“Pot is a gateway drug!” “It’ll land you in rehab!” “You won’t be able to stop!” Poor Mary Jane…she’s been so misunderstood.  Cannabis has gotten a bad rap over the years, much of which is due to misinterpretations of research, harmful and inaccurate stereotypes, and baseless claims made by the Feds. In this series, we’re […]

New 2021 Marijuana Laws Taking Effect in Orange County

Lucky for us Orange County residents, recreational marijuana use was legalized by California Proposition 64 in 2016. However since full legalization, growing, selling, and distributing weed has come with challenges due to local prohibitions and regulations – depending on your local city and county in California where you live.  Local economies have taken a hit […]

Everything You Need to Know About Vaping Marijuana

Are you looking for an alternative way to take in cannabis? Then consider vaping. There are many benefits to vaping marijuana but due to its relatively new technology, not many users fully understand the concept. From what it is, how to do it, and whether or not it’s safe, we get down to business below […]

Everything You Need to Know About Using Cannabis as a Sleep Aid

Have you ever had trouble falling asleep — tossing and turning in your sheets as the minutes tick, tick, tick away? Or maybe you have trouble staying asleep, waking up suddenly and highly alert, seemingly out of nowhere. We’ve all been there. While some of us only experience these restless nights on occasion, there are […]

Top 5 Marijuana Jobs You Should Consider Applying To

Do you love weed? If so, then maybe a job in the cannabis industry is right for you. Now that recreational and medical marijuana is legal in California, there’s a green rush of jobs popping up all over the state. With the increased demand, there’s been an increased supply of roles in manufacturing, agriculture, dispensary […]